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NigeriaDecides2019 Understanding Size and Margin (Infographics)

Size and Margin will be the key determinant of who carries the day in the forthcoming elections.

Northwest Nigeria: has the largest voting capacity and has a very strong history of delivering a large margin of win/lose

SouthWest Nigeria: 
Has the 2nd LARGEST voting capacity and has a very strong history of delivering a SMALL margin of win/loses.

NorthCentral Nigeria: 
Has the 3rd LARGEST voting capacity and has a fair history of delivering a generally SMALL margin of win/loses.

SouthSouth Nigeria: 
Has the 4th LARGEST voting capacity and has a very STRONG history of delivering a very LARGE margin of win/loses.

NorthEast Nigeria:

Has the 2nd LOWEST voting capacity and has a very strong history of delivering a LARGE margin of win/lose.

SouthEast Nigeria:

Has the LOWEST voting capacity and has a very strong history of delivering VERY LARGE margin of win/lose.

No Election Threat: Buratai orders crackdown on IPOB

image Creit: Vanguad Newspaper

Following the recent threat by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to boycott the coming general elections on 16th February 2019, the Chief of Army Staff(CAS) Gen. Tukur Buratai has ordered an immediate crackdown on the group.

As part of efforts to operationalize the order, a new military operation
named, Operation Safe Conduct is to ensure teh smooth execution of elections is to be purt in place in areas where such a threat is expected to affect. The Army, he adde will be working together with the Police to ensure the peaceful conduct of the elections.

He mad this statements at the Chief of Army Staff Operations Conference, in Abuja, The rest of the statement as captured by Vanguard Newspaper correspondence are as follows:

” In this regard, GOCs and field commanders at all levels are to deal decisively with any form of security breach,”he ordered.

Hear him:The activities of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and their splinter groups in the South Eastern part of the country is gaining momentum as the group is threatening to disrupt the 2019 electoral process.

“Their excesses must therefore be clamped down immediately.”

He added:”Furthermore, the political clashes in Taraba State and a few other states, call for enhanced liaison between commanders, the Nigeria Police and other security agencies in order to de-escalate tension as quickly as possible.”

The Nigerien Republic Delegation was in Kano solely for the APC Campaign

Image Credit: Maiyegun’s Diary Politico

While the Kano State government and the All Progressive Congress (APC) refuted claims that the delegation from Nigeria had come purely on a political solidarity visit as part of the on going nation-wide campaign of the APC Presidential candidate, evidence have emerged indicating to the contrary.

An official letter originating from the Governor of Maradi Region of Niger, Gov. Sakari Oumarou, dated 29th January 2019, shows that the delegation were arriving Kano solely for the APC presidential campaign.

Suspension/Removal of CJN: Everywhere seem to have gone silent.

Everywhere seem to have gone silent. Nigeria has moved on, as usual.
But we’ll all ask what democracy has offered the average Nigerian in the past 20 years. It is not then hard to know why our leaders continue this culture of impunity. They already know that it will simply take a week or two of “noisemaking” and then the people will go mute. The hardship and the ever eventful political climate of Nigeria will in no time present them with new a drama to distract them.

The enthronement of civilian rule by itself doesn’t have the capacity to guarantee a democratic and prosperous society as we see in other societies that have had democratic governance for a much longer period. And yet, it is not simply a matter of time, it’s a matter of the quality of effort we put towards building the institutions that guarantee that democratic and prosperous society for which we admire any democracy.

Democratic and prosperous societies are not like computer software that is installed in a society, people, through their ideas, expectations, demands and actions, shape their societies to what they eventually become in the long run. This is what is missing in most democratic settings in Africa.

Urohi people new king, check out his name

The Ruler ‘Onojie’ in Esan Tradition.
-The Coronation of the Onojie of Urohi by Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu.

Today, 26 day of January, 2019, the Kingdom of Urohi in Esan west local government of Edo state, Nigeria, trado-politically witnessed the coronation and presentation of Staff of Office by the state governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, to the new king, popularly known as “Onojie” in Esan dialect and tradition.

Urohi Kingdom has common boundaries with Ekpoma on the North, Ujiogba on the South-East both in Esan west local government, Uhi/ Ugieghudu on the South both in Uhumwode local government of Edo state. Politically, Urohi is ward 8 in Esan west local government of Edo central senatorial district of Edo state. Around twelve kilometers away from Ekpoma, the headquarter of Esan west local government.

An Onojie or traditional ruler according to Esan tradition is defined as an individual who, by virtue of his ancestry, occupies a ‘sacred stool’ of a community and this person will be selected to it in accordance with the traditions and customs of the Esan community. Simply put, he is the traditional leader of a specific traditional community across Esanland who exercises authority over a number of inhabitants of the area in accordance with customary law of a defined jurisdiction.

According to the Traditional Rulers and Chiefs Law as enacted on the 24 day of August, 1979; the Law in its preliminary sections defined a Traditional Ruler as “the traditional head of an ethnic unit or clan who is for the time being the holder of the highest traditional authority within the ethnic unit or clan and whose title is recognized as a traditional ruler by the Government of the state”.

Importantly, to ascend to the throne, this individual must be the heir apparent to the throne being the Crown Prince who is traditionally the first biological male child of the present Onojie whose by nature call, joins his ancestor. Simply put, the Onojie as the ruler of the community derives his traditional position by right of being the first son in the royal lineage. The Onojie’s stool is inherited through kinship ties according to the Esan tradition. It doesn’t deviate away from the kingship’s lineage, if it happens, it is an extraordinary circumstance.

This person has traditional authority over the people who live in that community. He regulates the social behaviour within the community that he has control over. An onojie is not in control of service delivery as it is the local government’s responsibility.

However, an Onojie performs a wide range of functions for his community, ranging from providing safety and security, safeguarding tribal sovereignty, allocating and distributing land and settling land disputes, providing spiritual leadership and the administration of justice among his people.

Conclusively, Urohi Kingdom thanks everyone that contributed to the success of this great coronation ceremony and would remain grateful to you all.

Thank you.

Read more: https://esanwestoday.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-ruler-onojie-in-esan-tradition.html?m=1

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