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OPINION: How To Become A Popular Cops

Mummy, I wan to be a policeman, so that I can be arresting thieves and other bad people”. I overheard a boy around 10 years old, whose police themed home dramas might have made him to dream of seeing himself as a member of law enforcement agency in the nearest future telling his mum while I was passing by on a street. I was shocked, very shocked – I hardly hear people wanting to be a police officer, they prefer other uniform security related jobs.

The boy actually gave a rather precised role of policing anywhere in the world which is nothing but protecting life and properties of the populace and maintaining law and order in the society. However, looking at the ways in which our police have been operating against its work principle over the years have alley huge prejudice about the force in many places in the world and especially in Nigeria.

That gave a little insight to why many hardly pray to be a police officer. The popular saying “police is your friend” means “police is your enemy” to larger people in the society. Reasons for this is simply because – the police notoriety defies human comprehension and reeks of outright incompetence, deliberate violations of human rights, extra-judicial killings and unbridled extortion.

I had heard people saying if corruption is eradicated in the country, there won’t be anything called police in the country – police is synonymous to corruption. Let’s assume they are not the only one here as they have like-minds-in-crime – the politicians, directly and indirectly extorting the people’s and nation’s purse. However, it seems police brutality is more rank than other crimes perpetuated by the blue-black uniformed men. If not why is there rise in police brutality in recent days?

One would think that during this time that everything is upside-down, and when everyone is trying to find new way of facing life’s reality, one would think the police too is together with the world and finding a lasting ‘vaccine’ for the virus which has eaten the body of the force up to its soul. But, surprisingly unsurprising, our police rather massively, keep pouring fuel to their show of inhumanity.

In far away America protest has been ongoing in most of its cities which resulted from inhumane activities of some cops. A 46 year old man, George Floyd, from Minnesota on May 25, 2020, died, when Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis police officer, knelt on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and some seconds which resulted into deceased death. The officer in charge and three others has been relieved of their duty after public out cry.

While that was going, Nigeria again had its latest unfortunate experience of police brutality in Lagos. One Musa Yakubu, 35, was injured and a stray bullet hit Tina Ezekwe, a 17 years old girl. The bullet pierced through the left upper side of her lap. She was rushed to the hospital but died two days after.

The trigger-happy policemen, Theophilus Otobo (ASP) and Oguntoba Olamigoke (Inspector) attached to Bariga Police Station have been reportedly subjected to internal discipline proceedings.

I do not want to peel the healed wound, I would have given accounts of people brought down by police that’s why I stopped at the fresh ones. The numbers are even countless.

A thorough findings on the reason why this act will keep increasing from cops who are suppose to protect one’s life but turning out to be life terminator reveals that most of these officers if found wanting in whatever investigation they might have been subjected to hardly go with cogent punishment and this is even more worsened by the fact that many people who made a complaint against police were brought up on counter-charges such as resisting arrest, defamation, and assault.

Government on its part has given less concern about the public cry of as regards to the way police are treating citizens. Drastic measures should be put in place to avoid revolts from the masses like it is ongoing in Minneapolis and police should have a rethink of their irrational and inhumane acts. Corruption is enough in making the police a thing to reckon with, brutality shouldn’t be added. Please!

Written by Hassan Temitope (@hatdapoet)

Girl Fakes Death On Facebook To Avoid Family Pressure

A teenage housemaid, Margaret Adiya Ikumu, who posted fake pictures of her purported death on Facebook, yesterday told the police that she was compelled to take such a decision to keep her mother and uncle away from putting financial pressure on her.

Nineteen-year-old Ikumu, who was a maid in an estate in Ajah, said both her mother and uncle abandoned her when her father died but later turned around to be demanding money from her.

“I was just tired of the financial pressure they kept mounting on me. That was why I faked my death as the only way out,” she said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, said that on May 15, 2020, the Command received a petition signed by one Tony Iji, on behalf of the Ikumu family members, who hail from Oni, Oju Local Government, Benue State.

Elkana said the petitioners stated that their attention had been drawn to a post on Facebook stating that the said Margaret Adiya Ikumu had died a few days ago and was secretly buried by her two friends, Marvelous Mary and Nneka Buddy, in Ajah.

The family members further stated that they were able to establish contact with the said friends, who confirmed to them that their daughter had died.

The police spokesman said, “The friends said they had been instructed by Margaret not to allow members of her family know anything about her death, and that they were authorised by the deceased person to secretly bury her. To make them believe that the girl was truly dead, they sent WhatsApp chats to a member of the girl’s family, with picture of a casket showing that the girl had been buried.

“The known phone number of the girl was permanently switched off. The family also got in touch with a man on phone, who claimed to be her boyfriend. He corroborated the claim that she was dead.

“The girl was eventually found by the police to be alive and working as a housemaid in an estate at Ajah. When her employer saw the report of her purported death, they quickly informed the police and she was brought to the Ajah police station.

“In her statement, she confessed to have created the Facebook account and posted her obituary with intent to keep her family away from her. She said her mother was putting financial pressure on her, constantly demanding that she sends money to her. The girl is apparently bitter with her mother and uncles over their inability to sponsor her education after the death of her father. Her sojourn to Lagos is to work, save some money and return to school.

“She admitted using the photograph of her employer’s daughter, Dr Nimechi Ugorji, without her knowledge, as her profile photo in the fictitious Facebook account she created. But her uncle, on seeing the obituary, downloaded the profile picture and reposted it, calling on members of the public who knew the person on the photograph to report to the nearest police station. Investigation is ongoing.”

Policemen Engage Soldiers Over Traffic Rule Violation

A fracas was reportedly ensued between policemen and armed soldiers in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State over alleged traffic rule violation.

The clash started when some police traffic wardens impounded a tricycle , whose operator violated traffic light signals .

An eyewitness , who would not want to be mentioned in print , explained that when efforts to secure the tricycle failed , the operator contacted the owner who was a soldier.

He narrated that some minutes later , the soldier arrived with another tricycle and asked after the traffic police wardens who impounded his tricycle .

This resulted in a fierce fight as the wardens allegedly engaged the soldiers, prompting a detachment of soldiers on guard at the International Conference Centre , Abakaliki , to rush to the scene and joined the fray .

While the matter was being settled inside ICC , a detachment of mobile policemen and operatives of anti -robbery squad arrived the scene and charged at the soldiers.

The soldiers, however , responded by cocking their riffles , while also making calls for reinforcement from their base .

It took the intervention of senior police officers from the Ebonyi State Police Headquarters , Abakaliki, to calm the situation and avoid what would have been a major security scare and bloodshed as reinforcement from an army base arrived the scene minutes later.

When contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Command , Mrs Loveth Odah , said it was an internal matter that should have been settled by the appropriate authorities .

She said the matter ended with no casualty .

Police Beats Soldier For Not Wearing Face Mask

A soldier has been beaten up by a combined team of policemen and officials of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSDC) in Edo state for reportedly refusing to wear a face mask.

Reports had it that the incident occurred at the Lagos Street/Oba Market Street junction in downtown Benin.

The attack reportedly left the soldier wounded in the head.

A witness said the soldier who was in the company of his wife refused to wear face mask despite repeated calls by the police officers and NSCDC officials.

According to the witness, trouble began when one of the policemen pushed the soldier’s wife with a gun in a bid to make her wear the mask.

An argument was said to have ensued and later escalated when the policemen reportedly descended on the soldier and injured him on the head with the butt of the gun.

Some soldiers were said to have stormed the area for a reprisal attack, however, calm was restored after the intervention of top officers of the Nigerian Army and the state police command.

Wike To Auctioned All Vehicles Impounded Violating Lockdown

Rivers State Governor , Nyesom Wike , has stated that all the violators of the lockdown in the state will face the wrath of the law and as well said that all the vehicles impounded would be auctioned.

Speaking in Port Harcourt on Thursday after monitoring the compliance level of the lockdown in the state , the governor said , “ It is unfortunate to see the level of sabotage that we get from the people and the police has not been up and doing in ensuring the lockdown is not sabotaged.

The governor then said those arrested for violating the lockdown would be prosecuted by the state government .

He said , “ All these violators must be prosecuted at the mobile court set for this purpose . What we are doing is not for any particular individual , it is for the interest of the state .

Wike added that the impounded vehicles would be auctioned. “ The defaulters will be tried by mobile courts and I have told the attorney general , all the impounded vehicles must be auctioned . By tomorrow , the honourable attorney – general would have advertised those vehicles and we will auction them.

“ Some people don ’ t believe that coronavirus is in existence . Until you make them understand that we are serious , they will not believe it. We will auction the impounded vehicles . Those arrested will face the wrath of the law . Nobody is above the law . We will not allow anyone to sabotage our efforts to protect our people , ” he concluded .

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