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Video: Pastor Begs God To Make Man Suffer For 600 years

A frustrated pastor was clipped having an issue with a man and in the heat of it, the man of God prays to God that: “Let this man suffer for six hundred years in this life’.

Watch him reacting to frustration…

11 Ways To Improve Communication In Relationship

Communication is the key of any relationship, there is no loved up affair which can stand epileptic communication. It is not natural just has love itself might bee but a skill which needed to be learnt and be developed as well. Understanding this will make you work together with your partner to figure out how you can maintain healthy communication and stay on the same page. You may be asking how can this be done? I think I have the answers on ways to improve communication in your relationship:

1. Ask how they are daily
Check in every day. Asking “How are you? How was your day?” will not only keep you in touch and in sync, it’ll help keep you in the habit of communicating with each other.

2. Never assume
It’s easy to get worked up in your own head about something, but never actually reach out to the other person. Assumptions and mind reading usually lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings.
Communication isn’t just about talking; it’s about being an active listener. Who is an active listener? “[They] listen to what their partner says, rather than get defensive without understanding the partner’s point of view or where they’re coming from, so be patient and actually listen.

3. Have regular relationship check-ins

Just like you should ask how they are every day, you need to check in about the big stuff too. Make sure that you ask, “How do you feel about us?” and if there are any big changes — moving in, getting engaged, going on holiday— make sure you talk about them regularly. It gives you both an important platform to air concerns.

4. Believe things can change

Part of having positive conversation and communication is having a positive attitude. Don’t approach problems as though they’re impossible to solve.

5. Respond
If your partner is reaching out to you, be there to meet them. Couples try to ‘ get each others attention throughout the day, whether it’s for support, conversation, interest, play, affirmation, feeling connected or for affection,“Each of these moments is an opportunity to connect with your partner. A person should look for someone who responds to them, or at least acknowledges them when they try to get their attention, because it shows that they are meeting your emotional needs —or at least trying to. Whether it’s just talking about their day or trying to discuss big issues, recognize that they’re reaching out and meet them.

6. Talk things through before they happen
If you know you have a stressful time coming up, touch base beforehand.

7. Say “thank you” and always be grateful even for the little things
“A great way to build intimacy is expressing gratitude for something thoughtful your partner did that day,” it really is very simple. The words thank you and well done go a long way.

8. Discuss your sexual fantasies
Being able to talk about sex openly doesn’t just mean you’ll both be more satisfied. It shows a real connection.

9. Communicate during sex
You don’t need to be into dirty talk to communicate during sex. Giving verbal cues is great, but moaning, leading their hands, even just saying what feels good are all great ways to make sure that the communication is happening in all areas of your relationship — bedroom included.

10. Pick your timing
So often we bring something up when we’re feeling frustrated or annoyed. But pick your timing. Don’t bring up a big problem if there’s no time to discuss it properly. Don’t approach your partner with a bunch of small problems while the stressing about something big. You’ll know when it’s a good time.

11. Take the time to compliment and praise each other
If you get too comfortable with each other, it’s easy to only bring things up if they’re bothering you. You start to get complacent about the good things and take them for granted, which can breed resentment. Keep pointing out what you appreciate and love about each other.

It might feel as though communication is all about those big, deep conversations. In reality, it’s all about maintaining the little things. You may not get it all at once but keep trying.

‘I Met Regina Daniels As A Virgin’ Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels husband has excitedly revealed the reason why he settled to marry the actress disclosing that he met her as virgin, a criteria he adopted in choosing all his wives.

Ned Nwoko, a former federal lawmaker who recalled how he fell in love with Regina the first day he met her in an interview stated that he can’t marry anyone who is not a virgin because it is important to him.

He said when he met Regina, he didn’t even know who she was because he don’t watch movies, whether British, Nigerian or American. He also said that, he isn’t a social media person, not until he begin to have relationship with the actress.

He narrated that he didn’t know about Regina until she came to his house with her family on a tour. He said his house in the village (Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State) is a tourist attraction of sorts.

Ned Nwoko further revealed that he liked her when he saw her, especially when he found out that she was from that place. He said he had always wanted to have a wife from his village.

He go further saying they were introduced to each other and one thing led to another. He continued that, that was when he found out she is a very decent girl.

The former lawmaker said he has always had the convention that he wouldn’t marry anybody who isn’t a virgin and that is very important to him. And when he found out that she was a virgin, it reinforced his decision to marry her. “I married all my wives as virgins”, he declared.

6 Things To Consider To Gain Respect In Relationship

Respect is one of the things that keep people happy together and especially in relationships. It is in fact a powerful tool in every relationship.

Though often, people do confuse Love for Respect, but it is actually not the same, however, both are the key ingredients that keep relationships flowing.

You will have observed sometimes in your relationship that there is some power tussle issue in which you will sit and be asking why are you been treated this way. Why are you not been treated like this. You will keep asking till things begin to get swayed and the love bond become shattered.

So in order to avoid this and make your love goal becomes something of reality. There are things you need to try to consider in order to gain respect you deserved from your partner so as to have that power been equally shared.

1. Learn to speak up

One way to become more powerful is to use your voice. Be clear about your wants and needs. If you don’t speak up for yourself, who else will? Therefore, you need to use your words and tell him/her what you want and need in your partnership. One very good way to gain your partner’s respect is to speak up.

People that are vocal always find it easy to gain respect everywhere. You can also apply this to your relationship. Use your voice. Your partner can’t read your mind. Therefore, you have to speak for yourself. When you are offended, let them know. And it’s very important to learn how to communicate with your partner effectively. As this will improve your relationship and help you gain respect from your partner drastically.

2. Learn to be more independent

It should not be mistaken that being strong and independent doesn’t mean you don’t need your partner in any way, it just shows that you are capable of doing things on your own, as a powerful individual. Being able to be self-sufficient while in a relationship is very important. Your partner will admire you for this strength which in turn will favor you.

3. Learn to have boundaries

Having boundaries is important Everyone has their own set of rules and boundaries that they are comfortable with. You will have boundaries in your relationship and it’s vital you keep them. There are some things that will cross the line for you and you need to be able to draw that line firmly.

4. Learn to treat yourself the way you want others too

Instead of following the yellow brick road, how about you follow the golden rule. An easy way of gaining respect is to treat your partner the way you would like to be treated. If you want respect and consideration you have to give it to your partner as well. If you don’t respect yourself, then who else will? It starts with yourself. You have to show how you want to be treated. This will come through with how you treat yourself. How do you talk about yourself? Do you give yourself any power? How do you view yourself? Take a moment to truly think about how you respect yourself. Remember, confidence is contagious.

5. Learn to keep your word

Saying something and doing the opposite is one way to quickly lose respect. Actions speak louder than words, this is not a new phrase to you I believe. especially in relationships. So, if you tell your partner that there will be certain repercussions for something and you don’t follow through, he or she won’t take you seriously, ever again. So follow through all the time. Or even if you make a small promise to your lover, you must keep it. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

6. Learn to not settle for less

There’s nothing more confident and attractive as somebody who knows what he or she deserves. If you’re in a relationship where your partner knows he or she can get away with anything, well then, your power and respect have already gone out the window. Stand up for yourself and don’t be afraid to walk away from a relationship that isn’t beneficial to you.
No one wants an indolent partner. A hard-working partner is always respected. Ensure that you do well at work and gain more accomplishment. Give your partner a reason to be proud of you. Give them the opportunity to show you off. You can’t gain your partner’s respect if you are indolent. The hard truth is that no one likes to be associated with a loser. Your partner wants to look at you and be proud. This will boost your confidence and respect with your partner.

Boy, Friend In Police Net For Harbouring Teenage Facebook User

Police have nabbed a 17-year-old boy and his friend for harbouring a minor without her guardians consent for a month.

According to report the 14-year-old girl fled her parents’ home in Biogbolo, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State to be with her 17-year-old Facebook lover, Victory Age.

It was letter learnt that the teenage girl fled home due to maltreatment from her stepmother. Also, the minor said though she left home without her parents consent but she did not leave without leaving a note.

She revealed that she allowed her social media lover and his friend to be sleeping with her, that she was never in anyway forced to do so.

Age said, when he saw the girl with her luggage he was shocked. He then asked her what was going on, she responded and said she will be spending a week with him.

He stated further that he then went ahead to book a hotel room for three days because he had some money on him and when he had no more, he called his friend, Gospel who agreed to take the girl in and they begin to stay together.

The boy said he only had sex with the minor three times and after he had introduced his friend to her, he knew nothing anymore about what happened.

The 17-year-old and his friend have since been charged with harbouring the underage SSS1 pupil for one month without her parents’ consent.

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