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‘Mummy Calm Down’ Little Boy Begs To Avoid Beaten

‘Calm Down’ is now the trending words currently in Nigeria and it came from a little boy who was asking his mum to calm down in order avoid being punished.

Watch the wisdom the little boy manipulated that got even the Lagos State Governor talking.

Restaurant Places Curses On Customers Who Block Its Toilets

A US restaurant has left an unusual notice at the entrance of its restroom over misusage of the facilities.

The notice was seen in Finger Licking Restaurant on Bissonet Street in Houston, Texas. It warned customers against blocking their toilet and placed a curse on anyone who does so.

The notice reads “God will block your blessings if you keep blocking the toilet with excess tissue. Use minimal amount of tissue and throw excesses in the trash can provided. Use the trash can provided for sanitary pad. baby diaper, and wipes and hand towel.”

This has generated reactions on social in which many said the manner in which the restaurant addressed the issue is just unprofessional while many other said the action is the right way to deal with dump and stupid individuals.

Another person who reacted jokingly said the restaurant must be owned by a Nigerian.

Magistrate Remands Woman For Beating Husband Over Inability To Impregnate Her

A Magistrate Court in Ejigbo, Lagos State has remanded a married woman, Chinwendu Chita for assaulting her husband over his inability to impregnate her.

Chinwendu said she has been married to 32-year-old Okechukwu, for some years, but he has been unable to impregnate her and has not shown any commitment for them to have a child.

Report had it that, she had constantly assaulted her husband since 2018 to the extent that Okechukwu became afraid to return to their matrimonial home.

It was gathered that Okechukwu, who hails from Anambra State, got married to Chinwendu from Abia State for some years but the couple had no child to show for the marriage despite the fact that Okechukwu was said to be a successful business man

The wife was said to have been saddened by the situation which made her to turn violent against Okechukwu. She was said to have continued to beat him despite warnings from the Police at Ago Division. On Monday last week, Chinwendu was said to have grabbed Okechukwu, beat him mercilessly, but he managed to run to the Police Station and reported the assault.

She was reportedly assaulted the female police officer who was sent to invite her to the station as well. The police eventually arrested her, and she was charged before the Ejigbo Magistrates Court for the alleged assault on her husband and the police officer.

‘I Met Regina Daniels As A Virgin’ Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels husband has excitedly revealed the reason why he settled to marry the actress disclosing that he met her as virgin, a criteria he adopted in choosing all his wives.

Ned Nwoko, a former federal lawmaker who recalled how he fell in love with Regina the first day he met her in an interview stated that he can’t marry anyone who is not a virgin because it is important to him.

He said when he met Regina, he didn’t even know who she was because he don’t watch movies, whether British, Nigerian or American. He also said that, he isn’t a social media person, not until he begin to have relationship with the actress.

He narrated that he didn’t know about Regina until she came to his house with her family on a tour. He said his house in the village (Aniocha North Local Government Area, Delta State) is a tourist attraction of sorts.

Ned Nwoko further revealed that he liked her when he saw her, especially when he found out that she was from that place. He said he had always wanted to have a wife from his village.

He go further saying they were introduced to each other and one thing led to another. He continued that, that was when he found out she is a very decent girl.

The former lawmaker said he has always had the convention that he wouldn’t marry anybody who isn’t a virgin and that is very important to him. And when he found out that she was a virgin, it reinforced his decision to marry her. “I married all my wives as virgins”, he declared.

Shocking: Woman Presents Coffin As Father’s Day Gift To Husband

A woman in Anambra has shocked locals when she bought a coffin for her husband as a Fathers’ Day gift.

Report had it that the woman lives in Oko, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State, presented the coffin to her husband on Sunday, June 21, being Fathers’ Day.

It was gathered that the woman had bought the casket four days earlier and kept it with the seller, waiting for Fathers’ Day.

Report said after church service on Sunday, she went to the coffin seller to get her purchase and she transported it home in a shuttle bus and presented it to her husband.

A source said it was a surprise when she came in with the coffin.

Another source who begged not to be named said the woman had been showing “abnormal behaviour.”

She added that nobody has been paying attention to her problem and that lack of mental health care centers in the county has made the situation worsen for her.

The source used the opportunity to admonished the government to look into the situation of those been disturbed mentally.

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