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Facebook Disables Over Three Billion Fake Account in 6 Months

Facebook on Thursday said it disabled over three billion fake accounts between September and March as part of an effort to enforce content standards.

The social networking platform said it disabled 1.2 billion fake accounts in the fourth quarter of 2018 and 2.19 billion in the first quarter of this year.

The company also said it estimated that five per cent of monthly active accounts are fake as it pledged to “continue to find more ways to counter attempts to violate our policies.”

The data is part of Facebook’s third community standards enforcement report.
The category “fake accounts” was one of nine policies in the report.

Among the others are nudity and sexual activity, bullying and harassment, hate speech, global terrorist propaganda and violence and graphic content.

The data show that Facebook took action against about 52 million accounts that dealt with violence and propaganda and 44 million accounts that dealt with adult nudity and sexual activity.

Facebook said the number accounts it took action against increased “due to automated attacks by bad actors who attempt to create large volumes of accounts at one time.”

NCC to fight cyber crooks, internet fraudsters

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday in Abakaliki said it was stepping up its fight against cyber crimes and internet fraudsters in the country.

Its Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB), Mrs. Felicia Onwuegbuchulam, who spoke in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State capital during 105th edition of consumer outreach programme of the Commission, expressed worry that the activities of these criminals were on the increase in the country with dire consequences on the populace.

The outreach themee was: Mitigating Effects of Cybercrimes: The Role of Telecom Consumers .

According to her, many people have lost their lives, monies, personal identity and privacies to cyber criminals which has made the Commission to adopt measures to curtail their activities.

Mrs Onwuegbuchulam said the Commission was partnering with security agents, National Security Adviser and other relevant stakeholders to tackle the menace.

She said: “Cyber crime gives big concern to the commission; people lose their money, people lose their personal identity; people lose their privacies and in the process, they are either duped or even harmed or killed.

“The war against cyber crime may not have been won but we are doing everything humanly possible to stem the tide, it is an ongoing thing. As they are coming up, you are dressing them and new ones are coming up.

After 18-year wait, woman gives birth to quintuplets

A 42-year-old woman has been delivered of five babies (quintuplets) at Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Lokoja, Kogi, after 18 years of barrenness.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who visited the woman and her babies at the hospital on Friday reports that the mother, Mrs. Uchenna Okeigbo and her kids are in good condition.

Okeigbo, an indigene of Olokoro Amangbo Community, Umuahia South Local Government Area of Abia, gave birth to three boys and two girls on April 17 through a Caesarean Section.

Speaking with NAN, the woman expressed gratitude to God for the rare gift of five babies, saying that her wait for 18 years did not end in vain.

“It is not easy to have five children at once,” Okeigbo said.

She showered praises on her husband for standing by her.

NAN further reports that the quintuplets, three boys and two girls, weighed 1.3kg 1.6kg, 1.7kg, 1.8kg and 1.9kg, respectively.
However, the first baby, who weighed 1.3kg was still inside the incubator as at the time of NAN visit.

The father of the quintuplets, Mr James Okeigbo, 47, an employee of a private establishment, who was overwhelmed with joy, described the coming of the babies as the happiest moment of his life and his wife as well.

”I thank my wife for retaining her respect for me for these 18 years of childlessness without quarreling with me.

“I am also grateful to her family for standing by us,” Okeigbo said.

He, however, solicited for assistance from government and members of the public to ensure adequate care for the five children.
‘As a good citizen of Nigeria, I am appealing to government to help us,” he said.

Dr Grace Ogoke, Consultant, Obstetrician and Gynecologist at FMC, Lokoja, who handled the delivery of the quintuplets, said she was very happy and gave glory to God for the feat.

She told NAN that she delivered the babies on Wednesday April 17, through a Caesarean Section (CS) at about, 11:45 pm, which coincidentally was her wedding anniversary day.

”They are three boys and two girls, and they weighed 1.3kg, 1.6kg, 1.7kg, 1.8kg and 1.9kg, respectively. The three boys came first and the one that first came out has the least weight of 1.3kg.

” The baby is put under observation inside an incubator because he weighs less than 1.5 kg but the baby is active,” Ogoke explained.

According to her, the couple approached the FMC when they were seeking for the fruit of the womb with lots of investigations.

”After going through all their investigations, I saw that they would need to be assisted, that spontaneous pregnancy medically speaking might not be achievable, and I advised them to be assisted.

” The procedure for the assisted reproductive technology through In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) was successful, and the doctor referred them back to her for management of the pregnancy.

”I feel very happy and I give glory to God for seeing us through, because it was like all of us are pregnant during the pregnancy.

”This is my first time of taking delivery of quintuplets, the highest I have taken was three.

‘It is a relief and achievement for all of us and I thank God for that,” Ogoke said.
The Chief Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, Dr Olatunde Alabi, said that experienced gynecologists and pediatricians were deployed to manage the woman from pregnancy to delivery.

Alabi said it was the first time quintuplets will be delivered at the hospital, saying that the management of the pregnancy and successful delivery of the babies underscored the quality of staff at the hospital and their dedication to duty.

Source: NAN

5 Common Tech mistakes limiting your business potentials

Your business has big plans for now and the future. You are betting big on technology to take your business to the next level. Unknown to you, it is this same technology that is hindering and preventing your business from attaining its full potential. The interesting thing here is that some of the most common tech mistakes that businesses make are also the easiest to fix. Here are the five tech mistakes that are hindering the growth of your business.

1.You think you’re smarter than robots

More businesses every day are jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon, and for good reason. AI can help optimize business operations, sift through huge amounts of customer data, and capture information that can help you make better decisions. The robotic takeover of the manual, repetitive tasks of businesses is inevitable. You can use this development to your advantage, or you can attempt to fight off the robot revolution.
A business like Jumia , Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination is already taking advantage of the benefits of AI with its chatbot tagged Jumia Bot. The Jumia Bot is the pocket assistant that helps you order food when you are hungry, book a flight or hotel when you want to travel and also assist with your shopping.

2. Weak login password(s)

In this era of online security consciousness and hackers looking for ways to steal information, using weak passwords for your login can put your business in great risk especially if you have customer information on your database. There’s no excuse for not having a more secure login process. You can use two-factor authentication which requires you to use a password to log in as usual, but goes one step further and forces you to confirm the login via a text message or phone call.

3. Not recognizing that technology evolves

Technology is highly dynamic. This means that training within a company must continually evolve. If you don’t focus on keeping up, your business will be left behind. The only way to stay on the cutting edge of technological evolution is to routinely stay updated. Give yourself and your staff as much training as possible, not only on new technologies but on systems currently in use as well. When you accept that you and your business will be lifelong tech learners, you’ll stay one step ahead of the pack.

4. No reliable backup

You should never assume that your backup system is working properly. At least, once each month you should back up a test directory, erase it, and then do a test restore. This will ensure that your backup device is working, but you also need to make sure that the proper data is being backed up.

5. Buying cheap tech equipment

I.T. will cost you a lot of money. In fact, depending on the industry you’re in, tech could be your biggest investment. Cheap, outdated and otherwise unsuitable tech arrangements can cripple your business and cost business owners way more in time, trouble and overall inefficiency. Instead of looking for the least expensive solution, determine what you’re going to need, and then look for the best deals on quality hardware and software.

JUST IN: Police dismissed Officer Who Shot And Killed Kolade Johnson

“At the conclusion of the trial, the first defaulter, Inspector Ogunyemi Olalekan, was found guilty of discreditable conduct by acting in a manner prejudicial to discipline and unbecoming of members of the force by shooting and killing Kolade Johnson; Unlawful and Unnecessary exercise of authority by using unnecessary violence, by using AK 47 rifle on the deceased in total neglect to the provisions of Force Order 237 on the use of Firearms

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