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Covid-19: Divorce Rate Rises In China

Divorce rates in China have risen significantly because ‘couples are spending too much time together at home’ during coronavirus self-isolation, according to register offices across the country.

Over 300 couples have scheduled appointments to get a divorce since February 24, said Lu Shijun, the manager of a marriage registry in Dazhou, Sichuan Province of south-western China.

Officials believe the sharp increase of divorce requests could be caused by the fact that partners have spent too much time in close quarters under quarantine.
‘The divorce rate [in the district] has soared compared to before [the coronavirus outbreak],’ Mr Lu told the local press.

‘Young people are spending a lot of time at home. They tend to get into heated arguments because of something petty and rush into getting a divorce,’ Mr Lu explained.

Another factor could be a result of delayed applications due to the council offices closing for nearly a month during the coronavirus epidemic.

Marriage registration offices in Xi’an of Shaanxi Province in north-western China have also seen an unprecedented rise of divorce appointments since re-opening on Mar rise of divorce appointments since re-opening on March 1, according to reports.

One district office received 14 requests in one day, hitting the upper limit set by the local council, a registration officer told newsmen.

Officials in Fuzhou, Fujian Province of southern China, have adjusted the number of divorce appointments to 10 couples a day after receiving an overwhelming amount of requests.

Scientists have been debating about whether spending time in close quarters is beneficial for couples.

A 2018 study found couples who lived together before marriage had lower divorce rates in the first year, compared to couples who didn’t. But higher divorce rates appeared after people living with their spouses for five years or longer.
Another research showed living together could protect lovers against getting a divorce.

I Can’t Marry Dangote – Actress Reveals

A Yoruba movie actress, Oyinkasola Emmanuel, has opened up that she can not marry someone like Dangote as he might not be having time for her physical needs.

In a recent Instagram live chat with Yoruba Movie Gist, Emmanuel who admitted she is short in stature stated that she wants a tall man. She also emphasized on wanting a God-fearing and respectful man who would know how to treat her right.

She said: ” I will appreciate a God-fearing man, who knows what it takes to have a woman at home as a wife. He must be very respectful and know how to treat me well. I don’t want a man that will turn himself to Mike Tyson or Anthony Joshua in my marriage. Regardless of his status, he must be very tall. I believe that I am short in stature and if I marry a short man like myself, we might end up having dwarf as kids.”

She stated that while she would love to marry someone who is ‘okay’ financially, she is not as concerned about the money as she is about the physical presence of the man.

Asked if she would settle for Dangote if she has the opportunity, she said:

”It is not about your wealth, achievement or your status. It is a matter of choice. I won’t feel the love like having my kind of man. Nothing a man can use to entice me that will freak me. You just have to be tall. I can’t even marry someone like Dangote because he is a busy type, he might not be with me physically.

Not every problem money can solve, sometimes you just need the man’s presence. I am not saying I don’t need money, a man that must marry me must be okay in his only little way, he should be able to cater for his family, not the one that will become a burden on me. Even if he doesn’t have the millions yet, I will still go with him if he is my choice.

BREAKING: Police IG Orders the investigation and arrest of E-Money

The Inspector General (IG) of Police has ordered the arrest, investigation and withdrawal of police details of the music executives Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money.

Emeka Okonkwo is the brother to musician, Kingsley Okonkwo also known as K-Cee, caught the attention of the police boss after he was seen using policemen for domestic chores.

The police boss who immediately ordered the Lagos State Police Command to withdraw the six policemen attached to E-Money was reported to have been surprised that E-Money even had police details in the first place.

Details also show that the policemen attached to E-Money were those posted to B-Operations at the Command Headquarters and not the Mobile Police (MOPOL) Division which is considered the regular practice.

E-Money is known on social media for his flamboyant lifestyle reports that he is a clearing and forwarding agent.

Among the properties in his possession are two Rolls Royce, two Mercedes Benz G Wagons and other Sports Utility Vehicles worth millions of naira.

The socialite has often seen on social media on several social events with Very Important Persons including governors, senators, monarchs, ministers, and other top government officials in attendance.

Recall that less than a year ago an Instagram celebrity, Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha, who was also known to show off his ostentatious lifestyle on social media was arrested and put under investigations for his ostentatious lifestyle on social media.

‘God Has Forsaken Nigeria’ Actor Kelvin Ikeduba

Nollywood actor, Kevin Ikeduba recently said during a live Instagram session, that God has left Nigeria.

According to him, God can answer individual prayers but as for Nigeria as a country, God has since left the country.

Explaining his reasons for saying that, he stated that Nigeria has the most influential pastors and Islamic clerics in the world, the country also has the biggest worship centers.

“God does not recognize Nigeria as a country, God recognizes the individuals. God left this country a long time ago. We have the richest pastors and alfas in the world.

We are the country that goes to mosque Friday to Friday. We are the only country that goes to church Monday to Monday. Na we dey do fasting, na we dey do everything. But look at our country, so who have they been praying to you.”

He also spoke about China which is the fastest developing country in the world having only 1% of Christians and Muslims.

According to him, the rest of the nation consist of people who don’t believe in God yet they are successful.

You Are Not My Ex If We Dated In My Teenage Years

Popular Nigerian actress and photo model, Beverly Osu, has publicly informed the guys who might have had romantic relationship with her before her twenty years of age that they are not part of people she cancount as ex-lovers.

Osu who made this known in a post shared on her official Instagram page made it clear that anyone who date her before she clocked the age of 20 cannot be categorized as an ex-lover.

According to her, such people should simply see themselves as close friends that she used to have at the time.

“If we dated before I turned 20 you’re not my EX. You’re my childhood friend,” Osu wrote.

This seems to generate reactions from some of her followers who seemed to share the same sentiments and they made this known in the comment section.

One follow @blessedechimii said : ” same thing I told someone’s

@ikpe_kachiee_ reacted that: “And then the childhood friend can become husband”.

“I think if we dated before I turned 30, you are not my ex, you are my child hood friend”. Humorously reacted.

While @soma_apex backed the actress and say: “Same thing I’ve been telling these my childhood friends”

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