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‘Criminals Are Running Afer Us’ Benue Nurses Cry Out

The Chairman of Nurses and Midwives in Benue State, Comrade Esther Akpai has said that criminals were after nurses in the state.

Comrade Akpai dropped the hint yesterday while speaking to our correspondent in Makurdi.

She said already, four of her members had at different places in the state been abducted and one health worker killed.

Akpai said that despite series of correspondence to security chiefs in the state, the situation was not abating, stressing that criminals were still on the trail of members.

She disclosed that the crisis in the troubled Katsina Alla had led to close down of the State General Hospital in the town.
“As at last year, two nurses working at Federal Medical Center, Makurdi were abducted, also in Katsina Alla and one health worker was killed during the crisis in Katsina Alla.

“Due to the crisis in Katsina Alla, we advised the board, (Health Management Board) to close down the State General Hospital in Katsina Alla and it has been shut down.

“Yet they (criminals) are still running after nurses in Katsina Alla.

When asked steps been taken by security operatives to arrest the security challenges faced by her members, Akpai said, ‘at any point, we have such issues, we draw the attention of government and security chiefs in the state to them but there is no response.

“You know, nurses work on three shifts, but the second shift close at 9pm and third shift resume that time, so at that time, they are going home they (nurses) are exposed to attack,” She said

Naira Marley, Others, Still In In EFCC Custody

Fast-rising Nigerian musicians, Afeez Fashola (aka Naira Marley) and Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael (aka Zlatan) are still being detained by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The musicians and three others were arrested on Friday.

A highly placed source at the EFCC informed our reporter that forensics investigations are still being conducted on their seized gadgets including laptops and smartphones.

When contacted, EFCC spokesman, Tony Orilade, confirmed that the suspects are still in custody and would be charged to court this week.

He said they are being investigated and are assisting the EFCC officials with investigations.

Zlatan was earlier billed to perform at Burna Boy’s exclusive V.I.P experience with his fans at Terra Kulture, Lagos, on Saturday. His girlfriend pleaded with the EFCC to release her lover on Instagram on Sunday.

They were arrested in connection with an alleged case of internet fraud and money laundering by the EFCC following an early morning raid, at 9, Gbangbola Street, Ikate, Lekki, Lagos on Friday.

The musicians were arrested alongside Tiamiu Abdulrahman Kayode, Adewunmi Adeyanju Moses and Abubakar Musa.

Shortly before he was picked up by the EFCC, Naira Marley told his Instagram followers that he had been arrested 124 times in the United Kingdom, during a live chat.

The singer, who was raised in London, also informed his followers that he would never be caught singing anything else aside from gangster songs.

Based on the Nigerian law which stipulates a maximum of 48 hours detention without a court order, the suspects may either be released on bail on Monday. They may also be charged to court or the EFCC could secure a court order to further detain them. Our EFCC source said the commission is likely to get a remand order to further detain the suspects.

8 Ways To Slay For Owambe

We are Nigerians and Owambe is one thing we love a lot. Whether the country economic state is in shambles or not, Nigerians will always have reasons to party. Everyone wants to look stunning and exceptional at any events and generally go overboard spending on unnecessary things.

Being a wedding guest can be rough on one’s bank account especially with the increasing cost of aso-ebi fabric. From the cost of makeup, shoes and accessories, attending weddings these days will probably put a huge dent in your wallet. Here are some tips on how to slay when going for an owambe :

* Wear what you have . Not everyone is brave enough to try this but it works. After spending so much on aso-ebi lace, you shouldn’t put them at the bottom of your wardrobe. See those expensive fabrics as an investment for future events. If you already have an existing dress matching the colour palette of an upcoming owambe, why not dust off the fabric, slay and save you coins, more importantly, if you cannot afford it.

* Keep your style simple and trendy . Don’t be too extravagant, dress simple and moderately and you definitely look hot. We all love to look in an all shades of penging way and on fleek at an owambe but then follow the “KISH” Keep it simple and hot.
It is possible to slay in a simple, yet stylish outfit. From jumpsuits to off-shoulder dresses, there are a variety of classy, yet affordable designs to choose from.

Feel comfortable . Whenever you are going for an owambe always ensure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Study show that your outfit can affect your emotional state. Therefore, if you want to have a good time at a party, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and attractive. Avoid wearing anything that makes you feel awkward. Otherwise, you may come across as awkward at the party.

*Smell nice . Each time you are going for an owambe endeavour to smell pleasant that even when someone pass by you the person would be like,” Uncle you smell nice”.

*Look charming. While the men look dapper and maintain their sweet boy status, women are now expected to slay, styling up themselves to a whole new level.

*Put up a smile . No matter the situations or mood you might be when going for an owambe smile and never stop. It is one of the best make-ups you can wear when you want to slay for a party.

*Wear perfect footwear that matches your dress . For the ladies you could put on heels. For the men, you could wear a shoe or sandals to match the dress.

*Consider the occasion . Whenever you’re going for an owambe consider the type of attire you would for the occasion and do a perfect combination.

I can’t date a broke and unambitious man – Kenyan Singer

Kenyan song diva, Victoria Kimani has stated that she cannot date a man who is broke and at the same time unambitious in life.

Speaking on Upclose with Betty, the singer talked about some of the qualities she requires in a man and why her love life is ‘dead’.

Reports had it that a shock written on Victoria Kimani’s face was so evident when Betty asked if she would be with a man because of true love and not money.

She laughed uncontrollably and said she wouldn’t date someone who is lazy and unambitious.

“First of all you can’t be broke,” Victoria Kimani said.
“He needs to have swag and be successful”, she added.

10 reasons women break up with men

If you have often wondered why your girl broke up with you, maybe you need to retrospect upon the kind of relationship you shared with her. Take a look at some reasons, which are a complete turn off for women, leading to subsequent breakups.

A successful relationship is plausible only with mutual acceptance of each other, in a complete manner.

But if you make the following mistakes, chances are you’re still going to wind up single sooner or later.

1. You don’t know how to treat or make a woman happy.

2. You only Text. Texting is perfectly acceptable when you want to flirt or ask a quick question. But for conversations that take more than 30 characters, pick up the phone and call your girlfriend.

3. You Never say “I’m Sorry”. Everyone likes to save face. But having too much pride to never apologize can be a really big problem.

4. You are not romantic and you don’t know how to use words such as; sweetie, Angel, Sexy, My world, Treasure, My Queen etc. Women love to hear their praises.

5. Some guys lie a lot believing that ladies fall in love when you tell them lies. It’s wrong because when she finds out the real you, she can quit the relationship.

6. You don’t know her friends. Boxing out your partner’s friends is a relationship deal breaker. You don’t have to love her girlfriends, but you need to respect the bond she has with them.

7. You don’t ask questions. Your silence says a lot. By not asking follow-up questions to her stories, you’re expressing that you’re not interested in her life,

8. You have No Future Ambition (NFA). No woman wants a man that has no prospect.

9. You’re never on time. You got stuck in traffic. You spilled a coffee as you walked out the door. You lost track of time. Whatever the excuse is, your girlfriend is sick of you consistently showing up 5 or 10 minutes late.

10. You can’t stop gushing about your ex. A man who keeps talking about his ex-girlfriend all the time is heading towards a breakup, even before he realizes what’s hit him.

Why did you break up with your Ex?

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