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Ex BBNaija Lunches Reality Show To Pick Future Spouse

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Uriel Oputa would be using her recently lunchwed TV show to pick her future spouse.

The star, over the weekend took to her Instagram page to announced her desperate need for a hubby in her recent live show tagged ’Win UUs heart’.

According to the reality TV star, she is on the search for a better half and will select one from over 15 suitors, in her recent Instagram post she wrote ’13 more to go’.
Uriel said she has been single for over 5 years now and is desperate to get back into a relationship.

On the show, Uriel had a live date with different suitors asking them questions and getting to know more about their personal life.

The reality star is hosting the show in conjunction with the Chief executive officer, CMC cars, Chidi Mike, who promised to give her the sum of N5 million if she succeeds in hooking a man.

Uriel thanked Nigerian comedian and actor Chigul aka Chioma Omeruah for giving her the idea of starting the show.
Win UUs heart will hold Thursdays and Saturdays till she finds her suitor.

‘If Not For Police Harassment, Nigerians Won’t Use Face Mask’ Papper Boi

Emirate Empire artist and one of the hottest rappers currently in Nigeria, Erigga, whose real name is Erhiga Agarivbie, opines that Nigerians would not have made use of the mandated face mask, if not for the harassment of the men of the Nigerian police.

The rapper made this known on social media via his official Twitter handle.

He tweeted:

“If no be police wahala, wetin concern 99% of Nigerians with face mask? You think say them they fear coronavirus?”

The rapper who is 33 years of age, is from Delta State but was born in Lagos. His first song, ‘Mo street gan”, launched him into the mainstream of Nigerian music landscape few years back.

He has been nominated for several awards in the past but never won an award.

Eriga recently released a single titled ‘quarantine cruise’, which dwells on the common man experience during the lockdown.

I Can’t Marry Dangote – Actress Reveals

A Yoruba movie actress, Oyinkasola Emmanuel, has opened up that she can not marry someone like Dangote as he might not be having time for her physical needs.

In a recent Instagram live chat with Yoruba Movie Gist, Emmanuel who admitted she is short in stature stated that she wants a tall man. She also emphasized on wanting a God-fearing and respectful man who would know how to treat her right.

She said: ” I will appreciate a God-fearing man, who knows what it takes to have a woman at home as a wife. He must be very respectful and know how to treat me well. I don’t want a man that will turn himself to Mike Tyson or Anthony Joshua in my marriage. Regardless of his status, he must be very tall. I believe that I am short in stature and if I marry a short man like myself, we might end up having dwarf as kids.”

She stated that while she would love to marry someone who is ‘okay’ financially, she is not as concerned about the money as she is about the physical presence of the man.

Asked if she would settle for Dangote if she has the opportunity, she said:

”It is not about your wealth, achievement or your status. It is a matter of choice. I won’t feel the love like having my kind of man. Nothing a man can use to entice me that will freak me. You just have to be tall. I can’t even marry someone like Dangote because he is a busy type, he might not be with me physically.

Not every problem money can solve, sometimes you just need the man’s presence. I am not saying I don’t need money, a man that must marry me must be okay in his only little way, he should be able to cater for his family, not the one that will become a burden on me. Even if he doesn’t have the millions yet, I will still go with him if he is my choice.

‘God Has Forsaken Nigeria’ Actor Kelvin Ikeduba

Nollywood actor, Kevin Ikeduba recently said during a live Instagram session, that God has left Nigeria.

According to him, God can answer individual prayers but as for Nigeria as a country, God has since left the country.

Explaining his reasons for saying that, he stated that Nigeria has the most influential pastors and Islamic clerics in the world, the country also has the biggest worship centers.

“God does not recognize Nigeria as a country, God recognizes the individuals. God left this country a long time ago. We have the richest pastors and alfas in the world.

We are the country that goes to mosque Friday to Friday. We are the only country that goes to church Monday to Monday. Na we dey do fasting, na we dey do everything. But look at our country, so who have they been praying to you.”

He also spoke about China which is the fastest developing country in the world having only 1% of Christians and Muslims.

According to him, the rest of the nation consist of people who don’t believe in God yet they are successful.

You Are Not My Ex If We Dated In My Teenage Years

Popular Nigerian actress and photo model, Beverly Osu, has publicly informed the guys who might have had romantic relationship with her before her twenty years of age that they are not part of people she cancount as ex-lovers.

Osu who made this known in a post shared on her official Instagram page made it clear that anyone who date her before she clocked the age of 20 cannot be categorized as an ex-lover.

According to her, such people should simply see themselves as close friends that she used to have at the time.

“If we dated before I turned 20 you’re not my EX. You’re my childhood friend,” Osu wrote.

This seems to generate reactions from some of her followers who seemed to share the same sentiments and they made this known in the comment section.

One follow @blessedechimii said : ” same thing I told someone’s

@ikpe_kachiee_ reacted that: “And then the childhood friend can become husband”.

“I think if we dated before I turned 30, you are not my ex, you are my child hood friend”. Humorously reacted.

While @soma_apex backed the actress and say: “Same thing I’ve been telling these my childhood friends”

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