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TheColumn Nigeria offers target-group-specific advertising campaigns which enables you convey your messages in a professional environment. We are committed to helping you in putting together an effective communication strategy – encompassing native advertising to integrated campaigns. Accurate targeting means that your content always reaches the right people.

TheColumn Nigeria covers Nigeria and major news of global relevance in all facets with the objective of presenting a balanced picture of such a sophisticated and challenging world. TheColumn Nigeria provides digital consumers with on-demand and relevant content cutting across news, insights across facets, video and photography.

Content is featured across the following core sections:

  • News(fair-minded, non-partisan current affairs and political news & analysis)
  • EcoDaily (beyond the politics: hands-on economics knowledge and news for the everyday person)
  • Lifestyle and Entertainment(vibrant lifestyle and entertainment side of the Nigerian people and culture, and more)
  • BizDaily(relevant business insights and news on the business environment across sectors)
  • Sports (we are in the news on football, tennis, basketball, boxing, soccer, etc. from Nigeria & the world. Latest transfer news, results and fixtures)

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