‘I Prefer To Die Single Than To Be A Second Wife’- Actress

A Nollywood actress, Peju Johnson , has said she would rather remain single than be a second wife to any man.

She said this in an interview that it is better to be single than being a side chick or a second wife .

The actress further said that she is more than just an option and would rather be single than end up as someone ’ s option .

Johnson also maintained that she still believes in true love and explained further that when she is in love, she love with all her heart .

She however said that though it scares men and they don ’ t always believe that her love is real because they are used to getting fake love .

Revealing her crush in the industry , the curvy role interpreter said she likes Timini Egbuson .

The actress also maintained that being beautiful was not enough to be successful in Nollywood and added that one needs to really know how to act .

She concluded saying that being talented is important and will help one become better and that one cannot bank on just having a beautiful face.

Peju Johnson has featured in movies like Lekki Guys, Vow , Farayola ,
Aremudada, Igbekele, Iya karamo , Scar ,
Kogbagidi, Eto Mi, Ayetimowa, Single Mother and Abiyamo among others.

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