Declare Rape A National Crises – Amnesty International Charges Buhari

A global human rights organisation , Amnesty International , has urged on the PresidentMuhammadu Buhari, to declare rape a national crisis in the country.

Amnesty International Nigeria said on Wednesday that it joined its voice to other civil societies demanding justice for Uwaila and Barakat .

The AI Nigeria , in a series of tweets , noted that a “ toxic culture that encourages men to see women as passive sex objects” must be discouraged.

The organisation tweeted:

“The government ’ s response to rape continues to be woefully inadequate . Frequent reports of rape across Nigeria are a gruesome reminder of the violence women and girls face. Violence against women and girls is often not properly registered or investigated.

“ The rape and murder of 18 – year- old student , Barakat Bello , in Ibadan is shocking . Amnesty International is calling on the Nigerian authorities to declare a national crisis on rape.

Women and girls ’ safety must be paramount across Nigeria .

“ Dear President Buhari , declare rape a national crisis . Rape is a crime . If there is no consent , it is rape , even if the victim stays quiet and does not resist . The ‘ boys will be boys ’ mentality warps sex into something for men, done by men to women , without regard for the woman ’ s well – being. This toxic culture that encourages men to view women as passive sex objects needs to be addressed .

We are joining people in Nigeria to demand justice for Omozuwa ( Uwaila) , who was raped and murdered in a Nigerian church. Violence against women must stop. Authorities have to ensure justice for her and other women . ”

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