Chelsea Player Picks Nigeria Jollof Over Ghana

Chelsea hitman, Tammy Abraham has outlined his everyday activity as the lockdown continues although he has admitted cooking food has not been taking up any of his time.

The centre-forward appeared on the BBC’s Football Focus programme, detailed how he is remaining active as well as describing his downtime, and he gave his opinion on a well-known African food dish; Jollof rice.

On how he is and how he has been spending time, Abraham said: “I’m good. I’ve just been chilling – legs up, laid back and just been playing PlayStation all day – mixing it up playing FIFA, Call of Duty and Fortnite. I have come so close at winning on War Zone but I haven’t yet.”

He chose Fikayo Tomori as the team-mate he would most like to spend quarantine with due to their shared enthusiasm for playing Monopoly. There does however need to be greater physical activity than that from Abraham to maintain fitness.
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“We have a schedule from the club,” he confirmed. “You can mix it up if you really want to. It is going for a run, different types of run, upper-body sessions, lower-body sessions.

“I keep active and any time I have the chance to kick a ball around the house I always take advantage of that and it has been good I have been staying active and fit.”

But when it comes to nutrition, he had an admission to make.

“My sister or my mum or dad cook for me, I am lucky to have them in the house and not have to do it myself.”

Asked to choose between the Nigerian and Ghanaian versions of jollof rice and having been qualified to play for Nigeria through his father before committing his international future to England, his choice was of little surprise.

“Can I cook jollof? Absolutely not but my mum can, so probably the meal I have had most in quarantine has been jollof rice.
“The Nigeria version is my choice to be honest. The Ghanaian one is a little bit more spicy but it is about the flavours, not just about the spice, how it sits in your mouth, how it digests into your stomach.”

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