You Are Not My Ex If We Dated In My Teenage Years

Popular Nigerian actress and photo model, Beverly Osu, has publicly informed the guys who might have had romantic relationship with her before her twenty years of age that they are not part of people she cancount as ex-lovers.

Osu who made this known in a post shared on her official Instagram page made it clear that anyone who date her before she clocked the age of 20 cannot be categorized as an ex-lover.

According to her, such people should simply see themselves as close friends that she used to have at the time.

“If we dated before I turned 20 you’re not my EX. You’re my childhood friend,” Osu wrote.

This seems to generate reactions from some of her followers who seemed to share the same sentiments and they made this known in the comment section.

One follow @blessedechimii said : ” same thing I told someone’s

@ikpe_kachiee_ reacted that: “And then the childhood friend can become husband”.

“I think if we dated before I turned 30, you are not my ex, you are my child hood friend”. Humorously reacted.

While @soma_apex backed the actress and say: “Same thing I’ve been telling these my childhood friends”

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