‘By 2100, Lagos Will Be The Largest City In The World’ Mercer

Global consulting firm, Mercer , has projected that Lagos will be the largest city in the world by the year 2100 with a population of over 88 million residents.

A statement quoted the company ’ s Head of Strategy and Geographic Expansion, Pearl Siffel , as saying this during the launch of a new study in partnership with a human resources and management consulting firm , EZ 37 Solutions.

The study , titled, ‘ People first : Driving growth in emerging megacities , ’ was launched in Lagos , and it examined the needs of workers in the 15 fastest growing cities across four key factors which were human , health , money and work.

Siffel explained that the city of Lagos was important for such a study because it remained the most populous city in Africa , adding that the study would not have been completed without Lagos .

According to her , there were more babies born in Nigeria than in Europe .

Siffel said , “ Findings reveals that 42 per cent of workers are very comfortable with overall satisfaction with life . 93 per cent of workers say that access to employer- subsidised health and wellness programmes is important to them.

“ What organisations and the cities need to do is to focus more on those needs and the people ’ s skills will be a competitive advantage to organisations while technology will drive the process . ”

Mercer ’ s Principal Consultant, Deon de Swardt , explained that organisations needed to take the study and understand it properly to know what employees were looking for so that they could develop the people’ s strategy.

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