It’ll be disrespectful for me to do ‘Shaku Shaku’ songs -Jaywon

Former Kennis Music superstar, Jaywon, has told his fans not to expect him to follow the trending style of music as he considers such disrespectful.

The reason this ‘This Year’ crooner said of his decision was not to be seen as a new artiste.

“For someone like me who have been making waves in the Nigerian music industry for so long, it is going to be disrespectful for me to continue
Zanku or Shaku Shaku kind of song,” Jaywon said.

“At this point in my career, there are some kinds of music I can’t do anymore, only if I want to be seen as an upcoming artiste.

Give these young acts just 2-3 years; they will probably be struggling with their music career.”
Jaywon also said his music has so far been paying his bills and he has even made more money than some new artistes with hit songs.

“Since I started my music career I don’t do any other thing apart from it because it always paying my bills,” said Jaywon.

“Believe me, till today, I still collect my royalty cheque from my former record label, Kennis Music, every month. Infact, I made more this year than some new artiste with hit songs.

“If you make a music that last for just two months that means you will only make money for the two months, but if you can make a good song that can last for years, you will definitely make money for longer year. So, it is not about just making hit songs, it is about understanding the business side of music and recording songs with good content.”

Jaywon’s recent work titled, ‘Aje,’ is doing well and the artiste said, “I am working on Aje remix with one of the biggest Nigerian artiste which will be out soon. When it comes to music with good content in the last two years, no one has done better than Jaywon.

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