Men Are Useless Until 33- Jennifer Lopez Claims

The 49-year-old who has so far been married thrice, appeared on a Youtube programme Tinder Swipe Sessions, where she sensationally suggested that men were all but useless until they clock 33 years of age.
The programme is typically aimed at offering relationship advice to people looking to find love on online dating platform Tinder, and who better to offer relationship advice that Jlo, who has arguably experienced it all when it comes to relationships.
During the discussion, Jlo tries to find the perfect match for one Brooke Ansley who seems a bit naïve when it comes to her choice in men.

When Brooke’s Tinder profile displayed a handsome man whose age stood at 29 that the Ain’t your mama singer blatantly declared, “Guys, until they are 33, are really useless.”
Jlo went on to peruse through potential suitors as Brooke continued to describe her ideal man who she said should be someone handy, who is capable of “chopping wood”.
The singer, who was taking the dating scrutinising pretty seriously gave Brooke a face before telling her she needed to look further than just a man who had the ability to fix cars and chop wood.
It was particularly interesting to see the disappointment on Brooke’s face when Jlo kept dismissing all good-looking potential suitors who were below her 33-year-old threshold.
One couldn’t blame Jlo for her soaring standards in men, especially considering she has had to ‘kiss a few frogs’ before finally settling down.
The mother of two has been married and divorced thrice, with her first marriage dating back to 1997 to a waiter Ojani Noa. The marriage barely lasted a year before the two split up.
Then came the marriage to choreographer and actor Chris Judd which lasted only two years. Her longest marriage was to renown actor Marco Antonio Muñiz between 2004 and 2014.
Lopez is currently dating 43 year old former major league basketball player Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez, nicknamed “A-Rod and they have been together since 2017.

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