“Work with Buhari” IBB advises Atiku

The former military president, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB) has urged unity between the winner, President Buhari and the runner-up, Atiku despite the outcomes of the February 23 elections.

Babangida, who was commenting for the first time on the outcome of the presidential election, said in a statement,

“I call on the former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to close ranks and work with the winner of the election in an objective and constructive manner so that democracy will continue to thrive in our country at this crucial period of renaissance.
“I urged him also to
endeavour and prevail on his admirers to eschew bitterness and violence. They must be prevailed upon to understand that politics is a game in which there must be only one winner.”

Congratulating Buhari on his victory, Babangida observed that the “electioneering campaign was very strenuous and the contest very keen. That despite the turbulent terrain of politics, the President submitted and subjected himself to this process. Indeed, it is a clear testimony that he believes in the democratic process and ideals.”

He urged the re-elected president to “heal the wounds of the heated campaign exchanges by embracing those who contested with him.
“The President must resist the temptation to see them as enemies; not even opponents, but fellow compatriots who merely disagreed with him on how best to move our country forward.”

He further advised, “Now that the President has won his re-election bid, he should confront with renewed vigour the most urgent problem confronting Nigeria: ‘insecurity of lives and property’”.
According to him, “The Boko Haram insurgency remains a threat to many Nigerians particularly in the North-east
sub region, while the twin evils of kidnapping and armed robbery/armed banditry also remains a major national menace.

“The president must pay priority attention to these security issues.”
Babangida advised Buhari to be more creative in formulating policies that would improve the economy, create employment opportunities and give hope to the youth.
“The President may wish to heed to the yearnings of reasonable Nigerians for restructuring and seek all constitutional means to devolve some powers presently exercised by the Federal Government to the other tiers of government,”
Babangida said.

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