Facebook Goes Laser

This is very fascinating and exciting as well. Facebook wants to connect the world via lasers as documented in the IEEE Spectrum reports. Add SpaceX Starlink, present GSM players, and others, you will agree that by 2022, we will be in the era of immersive connectivity.

Facebook has long been interested in free space optical, or laser, communication technology. Lasers are able to support much higher data rates than radio transmitters for a given input power, and their signals are largely immune to interference or hacking, although clouds can be problematic.

Although Facebook developed millimeter-wave E-band links for its stratospheric Aquila drones, it was also experimenting with air-to-ground laser communications before it canceled its drone program last June.

The laser tests, which used technology supplied by German company Mynaric, succeeded in establishing 10-gigabit-per-second links between a ground station and a light aircraft flying overhead. src: tekedia