“The electorate have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to serve a second term”- Tinubu

The former Governor of Lagos State asked for calmness in the coming governorship elections as he expressed confidence that the President-elect knows what the challenge ahead is.

His statement was contained in a press statement made available to the media in Lagos by his media officer, Tunde Rahman. He praised the conduct of the elections as free, fair and credible adding that the outcomes of the elections was a nude to the incumbent President to go on for another four years.

“In a decisive manner, the electorate have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to serve a second term. Thus, we should look forward to the next four years with hearts filled with hope and hands ready to work.

“Only God can create the Promised Land. Yet, with God’s help, we endeavour to make of Nigeria a land of greater promise and prosperity for all her children.

“With President Buhari at the helm for four more years, I know we can achieve this. Congratulations to President Buhari on your re-election,” he said. Tinubu said that with the election, Nigeria signaled to the world its unalloyed embrace of democracy and its unflinching determination to perfect the democracy. On the electoral violence that led to loss of lives, he said that Nigerians should dedicate themselves to the principle that elections were meant to better the lives of citizens.

“While this election was free and fair, we also must acknowledge the isolated incidents of violence. Nigerians were killed and injured during what otherwise was an exemplary democratic procession. Such things should never happen and do us no good.

“Let us work even harder to ensure that the March governorship and state assembly elections be devoid of such unfortunate incidents,” he said.

“No doubt, Nigeria has its challenges, but it stands undaunted as a nation. President Buhari, in his second term, will continue to install peace, battle corruption head on and build a political culture of civility, tolerance and equality.

“The tasks before us are hard. We dare not underestimate the challenges that await, but the rewards that beckon are profound,” he said. The former governor of Lagos state congratulated President Buhari and commended APC supporters and Nigerians for their patience, and their commitment to the democratic electoral process.

“The people of Nigeria are industrious and brave. Our plans are visionary and bold. Our goals are just. And the president you have re-elected is honest and true.

“There is no aspect of national greatness and achievement that lies beyond our reach. Posterity shall reward you for what you established on election day.

“Today the sun shines brighter on Nigeria. If we work hard, tomorrow we shall be able to say the same thing,” Tinubu said.

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