All is Set! National Collation Center commences announcement of Results..

All is set for the announcement of results of the Presidential elections at the National Collation Center, Abuja.

The venue is heavily gaurded by security personel.

The announcement of a win follows a procedure. These procedure as enumerated by the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) explained the process and guidelines of the collation centre:

1. All accredited polling agents, observers, the media, the diplomatic community and security agencies, should adhere to the seating positions assigned to them.

2. Results for each State of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory shall be presented by the state collation officer for the Presidential Election scope who also served as the collation officer at state and FCT level.

3. After collating the results at state level, the scope (State Collation Officer for Presidential Election) shall be accompanied to Abuja by the Resident Electoral Commissioner and security agencies.

4. On arrival at the collating centre, the scope shall be received by the collation secretariat which shall organise the sequence of presentation. Everything is going to be done in this hall… If you look at your extreme right, you will see a table there, that is the collation secretariat. So on arrival, the scores will be received in the open, and people will know who has arrived and the responsibility of the secretariat is to organise the sequence of presentation by the scope. At the extreme end of the hall, you will see, there are black leather chairs, that would be the holding area for our Resident Electoral Commissioners and the scope when they arrive for the presentation of results.

5. The Returning Officer, that is myself, shall invite the scope accompanied by the REC to the seat provided for the presentation of result and by my left, there is a table there, covered in white cloth and there are two chairs, one for the scope, the other one for the Resident Electoral Commissioner. The scope will make his or her presentation from that table, the result from him will be announced loudly for all of you to hear.

6. The scope, following the format for the presentation of results shall announce the votes scored by each political party in the State, including reports of cancellations and areas where election did not hold if any.

7. The Returning Officer then invites comments and observations if any from the polling agents.

8. The Returning Officer requests the scope to hand over the original copy of form EC8B.

9. When all the scopes have presented their results, the Returning Officer shall display the same copies of the result sheets EC8BA which is summary of results of elections on state by state basis, the EC8E the declaration of results of the election and EC40G3 which is the summary of registered voters from polling units where elections where canceled or not held.

10. The Returning Officer then completes form EC8D and announces the votes scored by each party and thereafter invites the polling agents to endorse the forms.

11. Returning Officer then completes EC40G3 and compares it with form EC8BA to ascertain if any of the candidates has satisfied the requirements of the law to proceed with declaration.

 12. If satisfied, the Returning Officer completes for EC8E and makes a declaration of winner.

13. The Returning Officer invites polling agents to receive duplicate copies of forms EC8BA and EC8E.

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