Manchester United vs Liverpool Build-Up rivals

Manchester United vs Liverpool Build-Up rivals

Phil Thompson
I think that with Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial potentially doubts for the game, Liverpool’s firepower will come out on top and they will win 2-1.

Assessing Manchester United gap to Liverpool
Who will be the key players?
It is a massive game and Man Utd will want to show that they are back. It would be a statement for Liverpool if they can win this, and the Premier League title would be a lot closer.

Prince Collins(author’s opinion)
I think the match will be a massive game for the players and also the supporters of both Teams. I think the match will be a bit difficult for both side. Liverpool are in a pretty wobbly unstable form and Manchester United are in good form showing total control of their game. I will say definitely United will take the game to Liverpool but at the other hand Liverpool is desperate for the win so i would say 2-1 Liverpool.

Paul Merson
I look at when United got beaten by Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and I thought they were a million miles off; that’s when you judge managers. When you are winning every week, it’s a doddle, but when you get beaten, it’s how you bounce back. I thought they were brilliant in the FA Cup at Chelsea in the way they played

Liverpool get anything from this game, I think they have had a result. I am not saying that because I think Man Utd are a better team, but I think the pendulum has swung. You have a team that is very confident and a team that is very nervous and are snatching at chances. Look at the Champions League game against Bayern Munich – two months ago, they would have scored two or three of those chances.

I think United will have a go. They are not a team under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that will sit back. They will take the game to Liverpool, and I think the nerves of Liverpool will be too much.

I think United will win 2-1.

Charlie Nicholas
Manchester United will do everything they can to stop Liverpool winning the Premier League. There are Manchester United fans who are terrified that Liverpool might win the league, and would much rather Manchester City win it.

I think they will give Liverpool a really physical game and United will come out with an aggressive approach. Nemanja Matic and Ander Herrera will be blocking and they might even consider a back three, even though they don’t normally play it.

I think it will be a 1-1 draw.

Matt Le Tissier
I am going to go for a narrow Liverpool win, because of the front three. There will be goals in the game.

It’s a 3-2 Liverpool win for me, but Manchester United will give them a good game.

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