“I have not resigned”- Vice President Osinbajo

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Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has described reports that he has resigned as “fake news”.

He made this statement at a meeting of young Christian leaders in Lagos. He insisted he is still committed to serving the nation under President Muhammadu Buhari.

“Today, they’ve been spreading some information around that I’ve resigned. They said I have resigned; it is all over,” he said.

“They said I didn’t attend a security meeting yesterday. I was too busy in my office. The same security people were meeting with me that same evening. Must I attend every meeting?

“Can’t the president hold a meeting with the security chiefs without me? They said I was so angry that they didn’t bring me to that meeting, that I was excluded, then I resigned! It is all over the place. I have not resigned. I remain committed to the service of the Nigerian people under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.”

This reputal is coming in the wake insinuations that he has been sidelined on important decisions especially regarding security. Particularly, the Vice President has be quoted on social media to have made this statement(though unverified):
“I wasn’t informed of the meeting when I heard, I was refused entrance. Yet, Governors were allowed to attend”

It would be recalled that the president had a special security meeting with service chiefs and some state governors on Tuesday.

The governors in attendance were Nasir el-Rufai (Kaduna), Jubrilla Bindow (Adamawa) and Kashim Shettima (Borno).

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