Suspension/Removal of CJN: Everywhere seem to have gone silent.

Everywhere seem to have gone silent. Nigeria has moved on, as usual.
But we’ll all ask what democracy has offered the average Nigerian in the past 20 years. It is not then hard to know why our leaders continue this culture of impunity. They already know that it will simply take a week or two of “noisemaking” and then the people will go mute. The hardship and the ever eventful political climate of Nigeria will in no time present them with new a drama to distract them.

The enthronement of civilian rule by itself doesn’t have the capacity to guarantee a democratic and prosperous society as we see in other societies that have had democratic governance for a much longer period. And yet, it is not simply a matter of time, it’s a matter of the quality of effort we put towards building the institutions that guarantee that democratic and prosperous society for which we admire any democracy.

Democratic and prosperous societies are not like computer software that is installed in a society, people, through their ideas, expectations, demands and actions, shape their societies to what they eventually become in the long run. This is what is missing in most democratic settings in Africa.