INEC on Niger Republic Govs: “It did not violate any law”

Following the recent uproar on social media on the presence of two Nigerien Governors during the visit of the APC presidential candidate for a campaign in Kano last Thursday, INEC has come out to declare that their presence did not violate any Nigerian law.

This followed allegations by Uche Secundus, national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that they came with monies and mercenaries to influence elections in Nigeria and then asking INEC fo disqualify Buhari from the presidential election over the development.

However, in a swift reaction to that allegation via an interview with TheCable, Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, INEC director of Voter Education and Publicity, said the governors’ presence in Kano does not violate the law “as far as I am aware”.

He continued:

“They are not allowed to participate as either candidates or voters,” Osaze-Uzzi told TheCable on Saturday.

“But they can only observe the process. As far as I am concerned, their presence does not violate the constitution.”

He also said the commission has no powers to disqualify the president, adding that only the courts can.

“INEC has no power to disqualify any candidate,” he said in response to the PDP’s request.

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