NGTheCandidates*** Atiku_Obi 30th Jan. ’19

Image Credit: NTA2

#NGTheCandidates*** Peter Obi on borrowing “Let’s stop borrowing and learn what they (other countries) are doing to grow their economy.”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on age: “I am a candidate for the future because I try to bridge the current generation with the future generation.”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on tax payment: “All my companies are paying tax, you can go and verify. The tax that I’m paying personally is from what I earn as an individual.”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on the Shites: “I don’t understand how the military got involved in the Shiites issue. I think if there’s any issue with the group, it should be handled by the Police.”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on looters: “Is it not better to have an amnesty to bring money and use the money to create jobs than for looters to join another party and it becomes a safe haven and you can keep the money?”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on Anti-grazing law: “The constitution does not restrict the movement of people in Nigeria, so any law that restricts people from moving freely and doing their legitimate business can’t be upheld”

#NGTheCandidates*** Obi on damming corruption allegations by Obasanjo: “Haven’t you seen a situation where the referee will say this is a penalty, but after going through the replay TV, he will realize that it is not a penalty?”

#NGTheCandidates*** Obi on leaving APGA for PDP: “If I have a car that can’t take me from Onitsha to Lagos State, what’s wrong if I decide to board an aeroplane?”

#NGTheCandidates*** Atiku on Jennifer Atiku and the U.S Congress Report on corruption allegations: “My wife is an American, she’s been visiting the U.S”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on Poverty alleviation: “If in Adamawa state I could lift about 45,000 people out of poverty through a small microfinance bank I set up, then we can do same in the centre.”

#NGTheCandidates*** Peter Obi on public savings: “While I was governor of Anambra state, I invested $50m in the oil sector. I also invested several million in banks. I was investing in the future of the state.”

#NGTheCandidates***Atiku on the private sector-led economy: “If you don’t move the economy to private sector-driven, you are clearly wasting everybody’s time… In lifting people out of poverty, we must be private sector-driven.”

#NGTheCandidates*** Peter Obi on investment in private education: “Atiku built a private university. Tell me who else in his class built one.”