N30,000 is the new National Minimum Wage.

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Image Credit: Pay-Nex

Following months of negotiations and near breakdown of talks between the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) and both the Federal Government of Nigeria and states of the federation, the lower legislative chamber passed the bill for a new national minimum wage after considering the report of its ad hoc committee during plenary on Tuesday, 29th January 2019.

Today’s passage comes about a week after President Muhammadu Buhari sent the wage bill for consideration, following its approval by the national council of state.

The Federal Executive Council (FEC) had approved the sum of N27,000 while the federal government said it would increase it to N30,000 for its workers. States are likely to accept the N27,000 minimum wage page.

But while considering the bill, the lawmakers resolved to leave the national minimum wage “as recommended by the tripartite committee”.

The committee had approved N30,000 for both federal and state workers.

They also resolved that the bill would be effective the day it is assented to by the president. It is hoped that this may help alleviate the sufferings of civil servants all over the country. The recession that hit the country three years ago, coupled with rising food prices, inflation, and naira devaluation has produced a remarkable economic hardship across the country.

News culled from the thecable.ng

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