Vote People, not APC or PDP! PART 2

So I’ve noticed this insinuation in many people of assuming that anyone who dares to speak up about the poor performance and lack of capacity in the President Buhari administration is a supporter of the candidature of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. A similar insinuation also characterized the political atmosphere in the build-up to the 2015 Presidential elections. I beg to disagree with that notion.

We first need to have a country before we can dream of having a President. If the last nearly 4 years of the President Buhari administration has been as bad as people have experienced and expressed it to be; if the now very obvious and severe health challenge of President Buhari is something that matters to the progress and wellbeing of Nigeria, then the first step is to get the message across to the majority of Nigerians out there. And such a message should not be discounted by any unprogressive insinuations. The President is not doing anyone a favour remaining in Aso Rock for another 4 years if this is not to the greater good of Nigeria.

In settings where people sincerely self-regulate themselves in public life, he should resign. Yes. David Cameron did the same in the wake of the unexpected vote for Brexit. He made it clear to the world and the British people that he’s not the fit and proper person to lead the United Kingdom at such a time. We need to be bold enough to ask President Buhari and his army of supporters to do the same.


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