Vote People, not APC or PDP! PART 1

In the main part, around 60-70% of today’s APC have been members of the PDP, and have also held positions of authority both elective and appointed positions in the 16 years of the PDP.

These two political parties as they are, are not run in such a way as to distinguish them for any kind of ideology or expected outcomes for the people. The outcomes of the leadership of any administration is a functional representation of the person in power, and the kind of people he/she chooses to surround himself/herself with.

Simply vote individuals who have been known to have such a disposition and a set of association that can guarantee a certain minimum level of desirable outcomes for the people.

Now, for those who have been peddling the idea that an individual’s ability to visit a certain country is a litmus test for whether that individual is credible enough to lead a country, this is nothing but inferiority complex. No one should be voted into power on the basis of the strength of their International Passport. The task of leading Nigeria to greatness needs to be done in Nigeria because the problems of Nigeria and Nigerians are located in Nigeria, not any other country, regardless of which country it is.

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